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New Reality International is a 501c3 non-profit organization in the U.S. and a registered charity in Canada, dedicated to preventing the exploitation of women and children around the globe and helping the most vulberable to thrive.

New Reality International was founded in 2007 as a 501c3 public charity in the United States, and in 2011 as a Registered Charity in Canada.  

NRI was founded on the biblical teachings of Jesus that instruct us to engage in acts of mercy, live a life of sacrificial love, care for the poor, lift up the oppressed, and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. We seek to serve the poorest of the poor from hearts full of Christ's love, and in doing so, give a NEW REALITY to this world we all share. 

Since our inception we have been able to directly serve an estimated 22,000 people suffering from extreme poverty around the world with health education, medical care, dental care and surgical care.

In 2011, through the Up From Under project, NRI built homes for families who became homeless during the tragic earthquake in Haiti and provided educational sponsorhips as well as micro-loans to help families with income generation. 

In 2012, NRi began the development of the first Children's Village for orphaned, abandoned and trafficked children in Northern Haiti through Project 7.  The goal of Project 7 is to work with the local Haitian leaders to provide a self-sustaining safe haven for these rescued children to grow and thrive. 

​Globally, our work has reached some of the most vulnerable populations suffering from extreme poverty in Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, Myanmar/Burma and Nigeria.


Volunteering Opportunities

Healthcare Missions

The genesis of NRI began with doing medical, dental and surgical trips around the world. We love bringing not only the best healthcare to those most in need, but also bringing "the hands and feet of Jesus" wherever our teams go. 


Please contact Alicia Thomas at for more information.


Currently Recruiting: 

NRI is recruiting passionate, dedicated and loving individuals on an ongoing basis to participate in our mission teams. We are looking for dentists, dental assistants, nurses, surgeons, internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, PAs, anesthesiologists, and other qualified medical/dental volunteers. 


Peace of Heart Project

New Reality International has partnered with Schaepper Psychiatry to provide culturally sensitive and sustainable mental health services to female refugees, in the Middle East, through a unique endeavor called the Peace of Heart Project (PHP).


The Peace of Heart project will provide professional mental health support via online tele-communication platforms to women refugees, as well as "front line" workers (i.e teachers, doctors, community helpers, etc), working directly with the refugees.  This very special population will receive vital emotional and psychological support, through professional assistance in trauma coaching, and the opportunity to heal and grow in a safe nurturing environment, learning not only how to cope with the tragedies they have experienced, but gaining tools for them to have a healthy mind.


Currently Recruiting: 

We are looking for mental health professionals with a passion for helping this very special group of people. Preferably, volunteers will have experience working with refugees or people with acute grief, anger, depression, and loss. Other preferable qualifications are to have a working knowledge of Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu. A background in Arabic or Middle Eastern culture is also ideal but not required.

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