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New Hope Community Centre, Cambodia - Do you have the time to help?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our classes, particularly if you are fluent in English or can play football (soccer). If you can commit to four hours a day for one week we would love to hear from you. Longer term volunteers are also very welcome as it gives you time to get to know the students and help develop their lessons with ideas of your own.

We would also welcome any professionals such as Nurses, Dentists, Doctors or Opticians who would consider donating a day or two of their time to helping some very needy and humble people. We had two volunteer dentists in June 2008 who were overwhelmed with their experience here.

Testimonials from Volunteers:-

Sona Chandi, UK
"Being part of New Hope was one of he best experiences I have had, wonderful to see how such a little can go such a long way in amazing Cambodia.... I will never forget the smiling faces of the Children and their families. I cant wait to return......"

Jane Wenlock, UK
"Thank you for giving me a chance to work with the fantastic, wonderful children of New Hope and to get to know all of you. I hope the Community Centre thrives and flourishes and has a wonderful influence on everyone in the area."
Lachlan MacRae, Canada
"Thank you so much for letting me be part of your wonderful school. What you do makes such a difference to the kids, to the community, and to the volunteers. It has changed my life."

Jenny Triev, Australia
"I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at New Hope Community Centre. The kids are so eager to learn and welcome you with a big smile every day. A very enriching and rewarding experience."

Allan Cox, USA
"Volunteering teaching at New Hope has been the most rewarding time of my 1 year abroad."

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