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As Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’s Munich Campus, New European College offers one of the most modern and forward-thinking approaches to business education in Germany.

The academic combination of a research-based approach to education, real world project weeks and continuous evaluation ensures that students achieve the highest level of sustainable employability in the 21st century world of business.

We combine the virtues of the Dutch’s contemporary and practical approach to business education with the modern American model of small classes and real-world academics. Students learn in the economic hub of Germany – Munich – alongside peers from 43+ nationalities who speak 27+ languages. In the sea of formulaic business schools, we stand out. By unleashing our students’ individual strengths, we prepare them to outperform in the business world. Our students’ sustained success is our passion and purpose.


Academic Approach

Our approach to business education? We believe that business education should be entrepreneurial, sustainable and fun. Our challenge? To grow our students’ appetites to study business with passion.

We seek students who are self-confident, enjoy taking calculated risks, actively research their environment and value constructive feedback.  

At New European College, we respect each student’s unique passion and abilities and create an individualized roadmap to empower their journey from student to entrepreneur. Behind each student is a team of faculty and academic staff, championing their success.

Our faculty is our most valued asset and all team members at New European College are invested in our students’ professional development. We continually ask ourselves “what do employers need of their future employees” and ensure that our students graduate from New European College, able to connect the dots and make business business decisions based on academic knowledge and common sense.

This is ensured through practical learning (curricular project weeks), continuous evaluation and small classes with a maximum limit of 25 students, as well as a faculty with the necessary credentials, respective business experience and passion for their industry. We embed this in an international learning environment where the language of instruction is English – today’s business language.

New European College applies the six elements of Bloom’s Taxonomy as the foundation for all academic programs on offer:

  • Recalling Academic Models and Theories
  • Understanding Academic Models and Theories
  • Applying Academic Models and Theories
  • Analyzing Information
  • Evaluating and Making Decisions
  • Creating New Products and Services


Study Programs

  • Bachelor of International Business Management
  • Master of Business Administration Program
  • Master of Business Management Program

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