Seven species living in the world, all listed as endangered by International conventions (CITES, IUCN, etc) are facing different problems mostly due to human actions.

NAUCRATES together with other worldwide organizations and institutions is now working to find out the best conservation strategies which should contribute to save these animals and its habitat.

NAUCRATES focus on scientific research to collect basic information to design conservation strategy and actions. In parallel with the research, educational programme and conservation awareness activities are carried out to involve local communities in the subject.

NAUCRATES with researchers, volunteers, students, local communities, media and who want to give help, is actively working in South Thailand where a conservation project is carried out on Ko Phra Thong since 11 years.

Naucrates provides researchers and technical assistance to other countries, such as the South Mediterranean Region.


Naucrates and the Mangrove Forest

NAUCRATES is currently working in South Thailand on a mangrove community located on the west coast of Phra Thong island.

Thailand's Mangrove forest, between 1961 and 1993, have been reduced from 367,900 ha to less than 168,676 ha by conversion to other uses, such as aquaculture, mining, settlement sites, ports and roads and salt ponds, the most significant being marine shrimp aquaculture.

NAUCRATES together with Thai Institution started to collect scientific information on site in 2002, but the tsunami destroyed the study site, conducting Naucrates and its Thai collaborators to initiate a Mangrove Restoration Project.


Naucrates and Suistainable Tourism

Naucrates worked on suistainable tourism in Thailand. Naucrates is now proposing new programmes to promote suistainable-responsible tourism in Central Italy, with the aim to promote the area involving the local community and providing special experience to the participants.


Sea Turtle Conservation Project

In this project, you will be volunteering your time and energy to protect endangered sea turtles in Thailand. You don’t need any special skills to be a volunteer, just enthusiasm and a willingness to lend a hand.

Main activities are monitoring nesting beaches in the morning and observing a sea turtle feeding area. Besides these main acitivites, we collect weather data, do tortoise and freshwater turtle survey, working together with the community and raise awareness among locals and visitors.

Project data:

  • Dates: From 5 December to 25 March
  • Location: Lions Village, Phra Thong Island, Phang-Nga Province

Project Activities:

  • Sea turtle monitoring on the beach
  • Sea turtle behavior observation
  • Weather monitoring and data collection
  • Awareness raising
  • Community work
  • Environmental education
  • Thai lessons 
  • Sea grass research activities 
  • Reef and beach cleaning



Naucrates Conservation Project is seeking for students or just freshly graduated people, who are interested in joining our field team in Thailand and help identify and investigate critical environmental problems in the area in which we operate.

Naucrates Conservation Project is well established in Thailand by Naucrates staff in collaboration with local community leaders, representatives from government, research and academic institutions, non-profits, local land owners, and other stakeholders.

You can propose a topic or choose one from our proposed list. During the field work you would collect and analyze field data and write up a scientific report in the end. This enables you to learn about field work and help the Naucrates Conservation Project and local community to achieve their long-term Conservation and sustainable development objectives.


  • Prepare a work plan on a specific conservation topic if your own proposal or follow the established methodology with our existing research.
  • Design possible needed datasheets and training materials for volunteers
  • Collect data in the field and reference investigation
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Help the project team with other project activities
  • Write a report on the research topic and create a presentation with photos
  • Possible topics in the conservation area
  • Sea Turtle behavioral observation (existing methodology)
  • Beach profiling (existing methodology)
  • Bird survey (existing methodology)
  • Butterfly survey
  • Bio-diversity survey
  • Weather survey and climate change
  • Eco-tourism survey
  • Mangrove restoration
  • Community Conservation center
  • Natural history museum

Internship position include orientation, accommodation (might be shared) and 3 meals a day. Internships are available between 1 December and 30 March. Minimum Internship time is 5 weeks.

Volunteers can exchange work for reduced room and board costs. We offer subsidized room and board to volunteers at the cost of 280€/ week.

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