Mondulkiri Project

Mondulkiri Project

The Mondulkiri Project is managed by the Cambodia Elephant Rescue Organization, a registered Cambodian NGO.

One of our main aims is to protect the forest from logging and provide a safe heaven for wildlife in the area.

The Mondulkiri Project borders the Keov Sema Protected Area and there is a lot of wildlife, from birds, to deer, wild pigs and buffalo. There are many beautiful waterfalls, swimming holes and valleys ... it is a spectacular location.

The Mondulkiri Project has started a new elephant sanctuary where there are 6 elephants who walk freely around the forest eating lots of bamboo, playing in the mud and swimming in the river.  There is no elephant riding by customers or staff.  

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Mondulkiri Project Reviews

1 day elephant sanctuary

I visited Cambodia for 6 weeks, and my one day trip with the Mondulkiri Project was probably one of the best things I could have done!

i actually didn't really expect a lot at first. But as soon I saw the first elephant, and right after that the other ones, I realized how amazing the day was going to be.
We where around 15 people, at first we got informations about how the project came into being, than we found out the names of the elephants, their origin, how they live and so on.
After that we went to meet the elephants, and it was really funny to give them bananas and to watch them searching for them.

In the afternoon we went swimming with them: we had the chance to wash them in a stream, and seeing how happy they where was really satisfying!

It's really amazing how the people of the Mondulkiri Project helps and nurture the elephants! Sincerely, I will do it again as soon I'm visiting Cambodia!

By: Alex Mutschlechner
Nationality: Italy
Age: 30

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