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Moidjio CRCAD is a non governemental organisation, registered charity for the conservation of marine and terrestrial life. We are a research centre aiming to protect and actively conserve marine and terrestrial species.

Moidjio CRCAD is proud to launch a new season of whales, dolphins and turtles monitoring. August-October. We are working on key species: marine mammals, sea-turtles, birds, lemurs, bats and key area: coral reefs, mangroves, sea-grasses and forest and costal area. We have the chance to operate in one of the most remote and beautiful islands of East Africa.

We are now recruiting volunteers to help out with ongoing research on the Comoros islands. We are looking for people of any horizons to help us with data collection on behaviour, photo-ID and marine mammal, turtle spotting.

Positions are available for anybody interested in research and conservation of these fantastic species.

We are a small organisation very well organised and established in the area, composed of scientists, specialist on marine mammals and turtles and of local knowledge.

We are working independently of any “gap year company” that will overcharge you for volunteering for a good cause. We are serious but still have fun!

We charge you what it cost us to welcome you. We are a non profit organisation, working hand in hand with locals and in partnership with the Marine national park of Grande Comore. We’ve been contracted to work for the BBC in 2010 for the making of the series “AFRICA, the Cape” and are very reliable and an ethical charity registered on the Comoros islands and France.

In addition to marine mammals surveys, we will conduct marine turtles surveys, sea-grass meadows surveys, mangrove surveys and conservation, coral reef and it biodiversity surveys.

It is an amazing occasion to get experience in research and conservation.

The cost is of 300£ per week and for 4 weeks spent you pay 3. Groups are welcomed and additional deduction would apply. We remind you that we are not doing it for profit, none of us get paid, we give our knowledge to people for the new generation of conservationists!

We will provide you with a substantial training in cetaceans research, share our experience and joy of life and give you the opportunity to observe cetaceans in one of the most remote island of Africa. Moheli and Grande Comores are the forgotten islands of Africa with a phenomenal natural heritage.

Cetaceans behaviour is very unusual and approaches with our experts are always smooth and ethical. We sometimes dive with whales and dolphins to record underwater footage for behavioural record.

So if you planned to do something good this summer/autumn between August and October please come and help us to research these unknown populations of animals. Please do not to hesitate to ask any questions.


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