MKH Advertising is one of the most respected names in recruitment advertising.

MKH People are different. To become one you need to be dedicated to the concept of total customer service. You must also be an original and creative thinker, someone not satisfied with following the perceived industry traditions.To you, every client is special demanding a unique and individual service which, as a highly focused and motivated MKH person, you will have no problem in delivering. For talented, ambitious people able to thrive in a highly competitive business environment, now is the right time to join us.

If you think you?ve got what it takes to become one of the MKH People, why not send your personal profile and explain how you see yourself fitting in and what you?d bring to the specific job vacancies available. We?re very good at recognising talent and creating openings for the right people who can contribute to our success and fulfil their own career ambitions.

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