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Minds Abroad offers study abroad, student travel and gap year programs in Asia, especially in China and India.

Because of the way our programs integrate our students into the local communities of their host countries, we were recently recognized as a “Top 10 Program in Citizen Diplomacy.” This award was conferred to us by the Center for Citizen Diplomacy in partnership with the U.S. State Department.

Our study abroad programs include:

  • Small class sizes (normally 2-4 students, with no more than 7 students per class)
  • Classes taught by faculty in major universities in the host country
  • Unique language exchange programs in China
  • Academic transfer credit available
  • Free afternoon volunteering, interning, or language exchange
  • Comfortable accommodations, meals included and 24/7 onsite support

We offer six types of programs for individual students interested in studying abroad:

Study + Travel (China, India) – These study abroad programs incorporate morning classes, afternoon volunteering or interning and weekend travel to sites of cultural and historic interest.

Morning Class and Afternoon Activities Program (China) – This is a less structured program which does not include a weekend travel component. The program incorporates morning Mandarin classes and afternoon volunteer or language exchange activities.

Volunteer Program (China or India) – Together with Impact Abroad, we offer a free volunteer program in the Fall, Winter and Spring (from August 15 till May 14). The program is not available in the Summer from May 15 through August 14.

Internship Program (China) - Through full or half day intern placement in various sectors in Kunming, China students can learn about how industries are run in China.

Trimester Program (China) - Journey across China, combining classes for college credits, a internship or volunteer placement and travel to various sites of historical and culture importance.

Teach + Travel (China) A paid teaching placement for native English speakers (non native English speakers will be considered if they have near native fluency) with either travel or cultural activities each weekend for almost an entire year.

For school groups Minds Abroad offers a variety of customized faculty-led programs. 

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