Metta Experiment

The Metta Experiment is an experiment in loving kindness above all, we find unity in diversity and loving kindness in all things.

The word Metta means loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, amity, friendship, good will, kindness, sympathy, and an active interest in others. These are qualities we strive to develop and share.

We are a Middle Way Dharma eco-community based on Buddhist Philosophy and Eastern Thought with a strong Thai influence however we are not religious in any way. Our main emphasis is on the Buddhist teaching of "Middle Way" meaning not to be extreme left or right. All people are welcome regardless of spiritual beliefs or lack thereof.

The Metta Experiment is located on 75 rai of land in Mae Malai, Chiang Mai Thailand about 25km from center city.

Our current projects at The Metta Experiment include permaculture, organic farming and natural bamboo building as well as working with local Thai farmers as needed. Although we are a dharma community please do not confuse us with a meditation retreat, we all work at the project on the things mentioned above.

We also work with the local Thai community, we help the farmers plant and harvest in exchange they teach us traditional Thai ways, we are looked upon very highly in the Thai community and have a good reputation with the local people we wish to maintain this reputation and ask everyone to act respectfully.

The Metta Experiment does host Dharma talks, Meditation classes, Permaculture courses and Natural building classes, please check "Classes" to see what is happening we do not have classes everyday nor do we have meditation instruction everyday.

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