METEOR Youth Voluntary Club

METEOR Youth Voluntary club is a student organization managed by university students of Korea. 

We provide free English lessons to children and Seoul tour services for foreigners. Also, we organize and participate in many other voluntary activities.

Meteor, also known as a shooting star, refers to a near-death star, which flashes its last shiniest light and appears to fall towards us. It is a disappearing star, however, meteor symbolizes one’s hopes and dreams, for it being a long tradition for people around the world to make wishes looking at a falling meteor in the sky.

Just like a real meteor, the goal of Meteor Youth Voluntary Club is to help other people achieve their goals and dreams thorough volunteer works.

There are three things that METEOR wants to achieve through volunteering.

  • First, to develop empowerment of youth (to strengthen the capacity and build network of youth)
  • Second, to contribute towards the development of our community
  • Third, to improve the status and image of our country, Korea.

Construction of METEOR and activities

  • Junior team: Every once a week high school students visit local Children's Center to provide free English lessons to children from low-income family. Junior team also joins with Senior team once every month to serve at various group voluntary activities.
  • Senior team: University students provide free city tour for foreigners who visit Korea. Senior team joins with Junior once a month for group voluntary service.
  • Management Committee: staffs are university students who manage the flow and development of Meteor organization. Management Committee holds various responsibilities from organizing recruitment of new volunteers, educating volunteers, advertising Meteor organization, planning and selecting group volunteer services for both METEOR JUNIOR and SENIOR.

Programs that you can join

  1. Seoul Tour (for free!)
  2. Volunary activities (habitat, take care of kids, farm work, teaching, cooking etc)
  3. Homestay
  4. International Summer Camp

SEOUL TOUR with Korean friends for FREE!

METEOR teens' Volunteer Club is offering city-tour service for foreigners. Don't miss this opportunity to make Korean friends and get free interpretation at the same time.

Tour Course 

  1. Shopping (Myung dong - Dong Dae Mun Market - shopping mall 'enter 6' etc.)
  2. Sightseeing (Seoul Tower - Seoul Forest - Han River etc.)
  3. Entertainment (Karaoke - Movie Theater or Watching Plays - Jjim jil bang etc.)
  4. History&tradition (Palace - Temple - Traditional village - Insadong - museum etc.)

METEOR teens' volunteer club is organized and managed by college students who are willing to help the community and foreigners. We teach students as a volunteer teacher and guide foreigners to show Seoul. Also, we participate in many different kinds of 

Volunteer Activities 

We arrange volunteer programs that foreigners can join with Korean students, too. If you want to know more about our volunteer club, please contact us.

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