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Mestizo Travel Volunteer is a unique and specialised organisation for volunteering and traveling in Honduras. 

Using an extensive network and trilingual (Dutch, English and Spanish) team Mestizo Travel Volunteer is able to plan, organize and guide once in a lifetime holidays, trips and/or volunteer opportunities! Whether your looking to unwind on the stunning beaches, retreat to the authentic mountain life, visit the ancient Mayan ruines of Copan or volunteer your time supporting a cause close to your heart, Mestizo Travel Volunteer will get the most out of your time in Honduras.

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Traveling in Honduras

Those seeking authenticity, adventure and beauty can label Honduras as a dream destination. This undiscovered pearl still holds many paths that not many have traveled upon before. The Mayan ruins of Copan breaths secrets and mystery while you roam through ancient temples and detailed sculptures whilst the coffee plantations in the mountain villages of Santa Barbara shows modern accents in a setting that seems to have been frozen in time. From the explosive San Pedro Sula you’ll continue west to Puerto Cortes, the city boasting an impressive port has kept her identity and found the right balance of modern and authentic. While Puerto Cortes embraces its international port, Tela seems to be enjoying its retirement on the beautiful beaches in the aftermath of a once booming industry. All the routes that connect these precious towns and cities are itself a work of art and you can’t help think that this county, with all its beauty, was made to travel through. The person that says: ‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’, must have had Honduras in mind!     


Volunteering in Honduras

We believe that travelling, whether through vacation or volunteer work, is the ultimate way to stimulate personal growth and broaden one’s horizon. The exploration of foreign and unknown territories allows us to connect with a variety of cultures and walks of life. We at Mestizo Travel realize the incredible impact that an individual can have in a country like Honduras. Where one person dedicating his or her time can touch an astounding number of lives by simply holding an orphans hand, talking to an elderly person about the weather or arranging a soccer game for the kids that live in the barrio’s (slums) of the larger cities. The smiles and gratitude you receive by simply paying attention to their existence and getting to know the culture shall surely leave you feeling at least partly Honduran before too long.

Mestizo Travel is founded by volunteers, for volunteers. We recognize the necessities of both volunteer and locals and through years of experience and our extensive network are able to make your experience a perfect fit when it comes to travel and/or Volunteer work in Honduras. We personally handle every application send to us and handpick every project and guest home ensuring that you are comfortable, happy and safe whilst volunteering in your perfect environment.

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