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Meiji Academy - Japanese Language & Culture, opened its gates to our awesome students in Fukuoka back in 2014.

Unlike most other Japanese language schools, Meiji Academy was found by an international team of young and passionate graduates, who know first-hand what the challenges of studying and living in Japan are.

Unfortunately, common problems at many Japanese schools are: large classrooms, fixed curriculum, no learning flexibility and no personalized services, to name a few. Not with us! Meiji is tailored towards the needs of Western students (non-kanji readers) with small classroom sizes, personalized services and individually customized time schedules to meet your study goals.

The word “Meiji” has a very unique and deep-rooted meaning in Japanese as it stands for a new era that changed Japan’s face forever. Meiji 明治 stands for “enlightening peace”, which marked an era when Japan fully opened its gates to the outside world after more than 200 years of complete isolation. It was the time when Japan’s modernization took place and also foreigners started coming to Japan.

We firmly believe in Meiji’s philosophy of preserving Japan’s traditions and culture, while giving fellow foreign students the chance to fully immerse themselves into this wonderful culture. Meiji’s basic formula behind our success is simple and based on three main pillars that:

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Experience

We hope you will experience by yourself what it means studying with Meiji and looking forward welcoming you in sunny Fukuoka!

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