MEAC Kenya

MEAC is a proud Maasai run organisation, aiming to improve the lives of people in Maasailand, Kenya.

We coordinate a wide range of projects, including volunteer, homestay and sponsorship programs, all of which allow foreigners to personally assist in developing our community, and directly benefiting children in the local community.

Volunteering is a wonderful experience for everyone, and everyone has a different experience.

One of the main advantages of volunteering with MEAC is that MEAC members are all based in the Maasai community, which means not only are we readily available to help volunteers in everyway, but we are also aware of the issues affecting the Maasai community.

MEAC offers a wide range of programs that reflect the short and long term needs of the Maasai community. Volunteers come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. MEAC and the Maasai community value all volunteers, and their experience and time is invaluable.

Volunteer packages with MEAC are amongst the most affordable in the world, and as a result we have not only professional volunteers from abroad, but also backpackers and even local African peoples, who want to give back to the community.

MEAC thanks everyone who volunteers, and also those that have taken the time to view this web site.

Duration / Dates

all year round

Costs / Pay

as low as $240

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