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Maximo Nivel provides high quality, affordable study abroad programs in Latin America. Since 2003, we have offered our international programs to participants from all over the world. 

Our programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru include: Spanish immersion, Volunteer Abroad, Service Learning, International Internships, TEFL Certification, Semester Abroad, High School Abroad, and other great adventure and culture programs. Our intercultural centers are locally-based organizations in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

Our programs are internationally accredited and university credit is available for most programs. Our success is based on our commitment to quality and the highest level of client service. Whether you want to study abroad, take a gap year, get international work experience, or just get involved in life, language, and culture, Maximo Nivel has a program for you!

We pride ourselves on providing a great home base in Latin America! We continuously invest in professional staff and first-class facilities to ensure your overall experience with us is nothing short of excellent.

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Maximo Nivel Reviews

Amazing Experience

Maximo and Peru are a match made in heaven! This volunteer trip was amazing! I got to do so many amazing things in the clinic I worked at. I have already begun to plan my return trip to volunteer again. Maximo makes volunteering affordable and enjoyable!

By: Tyler
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 26

Maximo Nivel Peru/Guatemala

Nothing but great things to say about Maximo Nivel in both Peru and Guatemala. Volunteer construction through the agency in both countries and Spanish classes in Peru.
Helped out in any way they could to make the experience a breeze. When my bag went missing they must've rung the airline 5-6 times in Spanish trying to track it down... Would definitely considering doing it again

By: James
Nationality: NZ
Age: 24


I adored the project in Peru. Everyone was so helpful when it came to details to the site I would volunteer at, and preparing me for what I would be doing for the next 3 weeks. The office staff constantly asked me wether my home stay was comfortable and how I was doing at my site. And it was an amazing experience, I enjoyed every single second of and Maximo made it 10 times more comfortable, especially since I traveled alone. They helped me so much with my trips every weekend too. I can't wait to return and work with their other programs, I already worked with them in Guatemala which was my home country and cried when leaving. You won't regret the programs they help! Definitely good for first time travelers ! Follow my instagram for pictures of my journey @sta.shi :) feel free to ask me for info and help too, I always refer people to this program and won't mind answering questions.

By: Stacey
Nationality: U.S citizen
Age: 22


I had such a wonderful experience as a medical volunteer. I learned so much the few days I was there. I wish I could have extended my time with Maximo Nivel because I enjoyed meeting new/nice people, exploring Antigua, and volunteering with kind hearted people. I met so many incredible people who share the same interests as I do. Everyone at Maximo Nivel made me feel welcomed. This was an unforgettable experience and I recommend it. However it's important to keep an open mind and enjoy everything about this incredible experience. While I was there I was lucky enough to see the beautiful traditions of Holy Week. This made my time there even more special.

By: Valeria Arteaga
Nationality: Mexican/American
Age: 19

Great experience!

Nothing but positive reviews about Maximo Nivel. You guys had been incredibly supportive, helpful, and accommodating. I was welcomed so genuinely and taken care of so well. I had the opportunity to work in a clinic for a week and the experience was absolutely great! It’s definitely an amazing feeling of trying something new that will impact my life forever. I think volunteering abroad with other international volunteers creates a great bond, and you meet people from all around the world. Overall, I was extremely happy with the accommodations and staff. You guys are awesome! Volunteering in Cusco has been the most rewarding adventure so far.

By: Nancy Nguyen
Nationality: American
Age: 27

Great Experience

I did a 2-week medical volunteer trip in Cusco, Peru in June 2017. It was an overall great experience. At times the language barrier was tough, but if you bring translation apps and utilize translators, it's manageable. There is also a good balance between the service projects and being immersed in the culture and exploring the cities and towns. It's a great balance of service and cultural immersion! If you like to travel, explore new places, and help people, this is a great program for you!

By: Sam
Nationality: American
Age: 25


Having the chance to volunteer in Costa Rica has been the most amazing experience of my life and a privileged. I have had the opportunity to immerse in a different culture and learn things that I could not have learned on my own. As a health care student I had the fortuity to assist the medical staff at the nursing home in guadalupe, Costa Rica. As a student I was fortunate to have assisted patients that were in intensive care ass well as taking vitals. The hands-on experience was beyond my expectation. Myself and other students were given the opportunity to launch our own health care campaign in low income areas in the community to help them get the support that they need and make an impact. The Maximo Nivel staffs were amazing they were always there to support and help out whenever I needed something. My host family were so supportive and loving they made me feel welcome. I have nothing negative to say about them because they were extraordinary. Thanks for the opportunity!

By: Woobery Hilarion
Nationality: Haitian
Age: 22


I signed up through a sister organization so I felt out of the loop and confused when, after planning everything through one place, landing in South America and having to work with Maximo instead. They were helpful, but I still felt like nobody was able to 100% help the people out who were not coming for maximo.

By: anonymous
Nationality: United States
Age: 19

Maximo in Costa Rica = HEAVEN!!!

I volunteered on a coffee farm in Costa Rica with IVHQ, then was partnered with Maximo in Costa Rica. Wonderful experience from start to finish ~ they really take care of you as soon as you get down there. And working on the coffee farm was pure HEAVEN. Link to video of the experience here:

By: Noelle Bertram
Nationality: American
Age: 39

Antigua, Guatemala

I joined Maximo Nivel to do the dental program in Guatemala for 3 weeks and my experience was far more amazing than I expected! The staff in Antigua is so friendly and welcoming. They really make it feel at home! I got along with all of my roommates as we all shared similar goals and similar experiences while we were there. My dad is from Guatemala so I met some of my family there for the first time as well. The food around is delicious and affordable. They have everything in Antigua at walking distance. Night life there was fun as well I just always made sure I stayed with a pack of roommates. Going off to explore other places was fairly easy and such a beautiful site to see! I definitely didn't want to leave this beautiful place, I'm already counting on the days I get to go back! I also felt like such a huge help at the office that I was stationed at. I most definitely recommend this trip!

By: Zuly
Nationality: American
Age: 23

Maximo in Peru

I had the best experience with Maximo in Peru. I was really worried about going to South America alone. But they made the process very easy for me. They were always there when I had questions. I had a lot of them and they always were very prompt to answer them. I got there and my host family was incredible! I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to go on a Volunteer trip!

By: Chanah
Nationality: USA
Age: 23

Volunteering with Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru

My volunteer experience with Maximo in Peru was absolutely amazing. I was located at a hospital with children with leukemia. The experience was very eye opening and fulfilling. Maximo had lots of great stuff to bring to the children and was helpful every step of the way. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

By: Lauren
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 25

Trip of a lifetime, with a few hiccups

I signed up through IVHQ so I was a bit confused when arriving in Peru and having to work with Maximo. It was a rough start because they put me in a program that had nothing to do with what I had requested (animal care) but once that was cleared up I had an incredible time and really enjoyed myself. Had a few blips with regards to where the money was actually going after seeing the poor state of the shelter I was working at but I tried my best to make a difference and make up for that lack of support from Maximo. Overall a good experience but I wish the communication was a little more transparent and the support more readily available

By: Anonymous
Nationality: USA
Age: 22

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