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Mandore Guest House is a leafy resort located near Mandore Garden, Mandore, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.


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Founder and project manager of the Mandore Project (also known as the Rajasthan Village Project, and officially registered as an NGO organisation as Marwar Medical and Relief Society), is a secular, all-inclusive, nonprofit organization. It takes a grassroots approach by involving local communities and linking them with volunteers.

Mandore Project is based on Gandhi’s principles. The mission is to work with underserved people and strive for equality for all. The Mandore Project also seeks to work with people who have encountered discrimination (by race, sex, caste, addiction, etc.). Many of the schools set up by the Mandore Project have posters of Gandhi to remind the new generation about his principles.


There are a broad range of projects that focus on several different areas of community development, including:


  • Increase the motivation for students to attend school
  • Address student drop-out, and keep students in school longer
  • Improve education for women


  • Free medical check-ups
  • Free distribution of medicine as prescribed by a doctor
  • Basic medical camps for minor issues and simple surgical procedures such as cataract removal
  • Dental health


  • making kitchen stoves more efficient
  • planting trees and gardens, which were given to children to take care of, and
  • hosting discussion groups that address the role of environmentalism within the villages.

Empowerment of Women

  • minimizing smoke and maximizing heat generation,
  • decreasing the amount of wood used (a small check on deforestation), and
  • improving family health (by protecting the lungs and eyes)

Volunteers are actively involved with and support projects that are secular and have an education-related component to them apart from health care, environment, socio-economic aspects and women's issues i.e. Women in Difficult Circumstances. 

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