MARLIN DIVING ENTERPRISES INC., located in the VIPI Lodge was found 1980.

We provide the highest level of safety. We are member of Diving Organisation CMAS/ VIT and ANDI

Ingo, who operate the dive centre is full time in the diving business since 1976

He is a dive instructor since 1977, Instructor Trainer for ANDI International and a well known under water Cameraman and Photographer.

The dive center is equiped with 12 litre aluminium tanks and rental equipment.

At the dive centre our guests can rinse their equipment in fresh water and a special drying area the equipment can be dried.

There is also charging (110 / 220V) and preparing space to prepare flash lights and uw housings.

Our 2 boats are Canadian Coast Guard approved and meets international safety standards. The boat captain is a certified Captain for commercial boats.

Please bring you certification cards and your logbook when you check in.

You need a warm suit (full suit 7 mm Neopren), best is a dry suit. The water temperature is never very warm. Even at a surface temperature of 18°C in August the temperature in 20 meter can be under 10°C.

During the summer months we leave the warf at 9:00 and are back between 13:00 and 14:30

When we arrive at the dive site we always do a briefing so everybody of the dive team has an exact information of the dive site.

Our "house reef" is the wreck of the Arrow, just 30 minutes away by boat.

During the summer month we organise a biwak tours where we stay one night on an island in tents (we provide tents, sleeping bags etc.)

- this is pure fun and a very nice memory of your stay in Cape Breton.

Do not hesitate to contact us ( any time for more info!

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