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Mantra Dive and Sail offers Luxury Liveaboard Experience, with diving tours to most amazing spots around Indonesian Archipelago: Raja Ampat, Komodo, North Maluku and Banda Sea.

Every journey is designed to fully satisfy our travellers, with possibilities to dive, snorkel, visit the national parks and see all the amazing creatures living in Indonesia, underwater and on the land. It is also possible to book the private charter and alter the route, or the dynamics of the Sailing. 

Sailing for years in Europe, brought Raul to Indonesian Archipelago and discovery of unique teak wood boat building in the island of Sulawesi. As a shareholder of Boat Mantra and founder of Dream Boats Building Company, he combined the expertise in boat building and luxury style liveaboard.

Dream Boat Building Company holds an expertise in different types of sailing boats, matching the traditional knowledge and materials from the island of Sulawesi with western ideas of comfort and security. The Liveaboard on Mantra is excellent for families,  or group of friends sharing the holiday of lifetime. The sailing is fun and amazes the kids, but even more important, they learn a lot while they’re on board.

Sometimes we’ll sail during the night, and in the morning, when you wake up, we can be in completely new place, seeing other scenery, and ready for new adventures. It’s like living a wonder every day of your holiday.

The Private Charters are the best option for the ones that want to sail in their own pace, style, and visit the places they wish. Except that, you get to cruise around with the closest ones, and share the vacation that will stay engraved in the memory, probably forever.

It’s not only about the beauty and luxury of the boat Mantra, it’s about sailing and liveaboard that brings you closer to nature, principles of currents, winds, all the natural elements. Once you get to depend on them, you start appreciating them more, and therefore you see everything in different light.

You’ll discover the richness and magic of Nature, and not only underwater, exploring the marine life, but also exploring the islands and mainland.

Liveaboard Mantra sails around Raja Ampat, Komodo Islands, North Maluku and Banda Sea, depending on the season best for diving. 

Please enquire for details about the cabins, dates of departures and price list. 


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