Malezi AIDS Care Awareness Organization (MACAO)

The Malezi AIDS Care Awareness Organization (MACAO) is committed to supporting People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)...

... supporting Orphaned or Vulnerable Children (OVC), and supporting other people who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS disease. MACAO works from the belief that all people should be able to love their life and be a part society regardless of age or race. MACAO believes that all people are entitled to the basic rights of access to food, security, education, vocational training, healthcare, shelter, employment, and participation in community development.

About MACAO.
MACAO is a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working in Loliondo, Ngorongoro District and Arusha region in Tanzania. MACAO Head Office is in Arusha and was established in 2003. Since then MACAO has been working in partnership with the local community, local and national government and other local and international institutions, to improve the lives of pastoralists in the community of Loliondo. MACAO is currently in the process of facilitating an OVC educational project, and is active in educating the local community on HIV/AIDS prevention.

What we at MACAO do...
* MACAO has established an Orphanage Center in the Maasai community of Loliondo, Ngorongoro, Tanzania.
* MACAO provides care & support to Orphaned Children living with the impacts of HIV/AIDS in the Ngorongoro District. MACAO has provided: medical care, clothing, food, counseling, books, school fees and uniforms.

* MACAO empowers Maasai communities by culturally and socially implementing activities in economic capacity building, HIV/AIDS prevention education and Advocacy on Human Rights and Education.
* MACAO plans to establish an Elderly Care Center in the Maasai Community of Loliondo, Ngorongoro, Tanzania.
* MACAO tries to address the Human Rights issues by holding educational seminars for Maasai communities, and supporting Maasai communities in creating stronger HIV/AIDS prevention ideals, and empowering Maasai women.

What YOU can do...
* MACAO is always seeking Donor and/or Volunteer support in our quest to empower the Maasai pastoralists of the Lolinodo Community.
* Donors can become involved by:
* contacting MACAO if you are willing to support our quest of empowering Loliondo Maasai Communities.
* Volunteers can support Macao’s quest by:
* being involved in HIV/AIDS prevention seminars held for Maasai communities in Loliondo.
* becoming involved in MACAOs Orphan Education project in Loliondo.

Needy Communities
The community of Loliondo is a community in need. There are many orphans who cannot access the basic rights of food, security, education or health, and these children are often ostracized from their communities. MACAO supports the people in need so that they can access their basic rights.

MACAO welcomes volunteers who are willing to support and give care to HIV/AIDS patients, orphans, and widows. In our programs, international volunteers work together alongside local volunteers and visit different villages to learn some of the African lifestyle. For the first week, all international volunteers are given instruction to acquaint them with the Swahili language. The goal is to provide useful words and phrases that volunteers may encounter while working in some Tanzanian villages. Some of the volunteers will also be taught how to educate the communities about HIV/AIDS.

International volunteers will have the freedom to choose any type of work they are able to do, so you never have to be concerned about doing a job you are not capable of completing.

MACAO invites international volunteers to help build orphanages and schools, painting buildings, and other activities which will contribute to the development of these communities.

Local volunteers help widows cope with raising children without a monthly income, organizing weekly home care clinics at the local hospital, assisting home-based care nurses run local community clinics, administer AIDS control programs, and distribute medication and food supplements.

The Benefits of Volunteering
Volunteering with MACAO provides an unparalleled wealth of opportunities to see and explore the best of Africa’s breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife.

Volunteers will first come out to our headquarters in Arusha. To reach Loliondo, volunteers will travel through three national parks (Lake Manard, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti) that are home to many species of animals native to Africa. Some of the most popular animals seen include giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and elephants in addition to the numerous birds migrating from all over the world.

They will also see the shifting sand that moves to different parts of Ngorongoro every year.

Ngorongoro is the Home of Attractions
In Ngorongoro there are several mountains, such as Oldonyo Lengai which means "The Mountain of God" in the Masaai Language.
The Oldonyo Lengai Mountain, situated near the Ngaresero village, is an active volcanic mountain and is a source of many earthquakes in the Arusha region. The Masaai believe that the Oldonyo Lengai Mountain is a god, to which they worship and pray for their daily needs, such as food and money. This mountain can only be climbed at night because of the high temperatures reached during the day.
Volunteers can visit other attractions in Tanzania, such as Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, which attracts many people around the world. Also, in Lake Natron, volunteers will be sure to find thousands of flamingos.

Tanzania is an incredibly beautiful country and we would like our volunteers to experience all that our country has to offer.
Project Lengths

MACAO volunteer programs are flexible to your needs. We encourage volunteers to stay for at least one month, but volunteers may serve for any length of time. Many volunteers combine their stay with tourism elsewhere in East Africa. No matter how long you decide to volunteer, you will have a remarkable experience and you will have personally helped MACAO to realize its vision of an AIDS-free Africa.

Seniors volunteer programs
Retirees with the time to travel and the desire to give something back join to make a difference and truly experience another country and culture.

MACAO uses a portion of the money raised from volunteer fees to cover administrative costs, food supplies and other project costs to serve people in need. We encourage volunteers to raise funds through their community, friends, family, place of work, and local religious establishments.

Free Time
Arusha is a large but laid-back town right on national park. It is a comfortable place with grocery stores, plenty of internet cafes, and a thriving local nightlife.Arusha is a great site for exploring Serengeti, ngorongoro National Park, the Tanzanian tea, Lake Manyara, and the shoreline towns of Lake easy, Natron and is only a few hours away from Arusha. There is frequent transportation to Arusha and the rest of Tanzania, and several travel agencies are based in town that can help you plan the rest of your trip. MACAO can help you make your plans for further travels

Welcome with your family travel and the desire to give something back join to make a difference and truly experience another country and culture. To read more about one family’s experience in Arusha Northern Tanzania

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