Make Me Smile Kenya

Make Me Smile Kenya is a NGO implementing Sustainable Programs for Development Cooperation, especially in Health Services and Child & Youth Care!

Mission Statement: “We help You to help Yourselves for the benefit of the children. Because we believe in Your potential.”

Through various projects in cooperation with USAID, Path Kenya, the Government of Kenya and other partners, we are currently taking care of more than 4700 orphans and vulnerable children as well as 3942 adolescent girls and young women at risk between 10-24 years in western Kenya.

Our projects are located in Kenya in the region around Kisumu. We take care of children and youths from adverse conditions, orphans and half-orphans. Children are daily faced with the consequences of poverty, violence and exploitation. We try to improve people’s situation in the region sustainably to offer these children a more promising future.

We have a multitude of projects and there are different options for a meaningful participation. We will deploy you flexibly so you can discover in which task area you feel most comfortable. You can tell us the task areas you are most interested in and which areas you can’t imagine working in before your arrival. Accordingly, we will try to arrange your voluntary service individually.

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