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Maison Emmanuel is a community of people living together, some of whom have special needs, in the Laurentian hills.

Located an hour north of Montreal, our community of 45 people is nestled in a valley on old farmland, in the midst of the forest.

Maison Emmanuel, member of the North American Council for Anthroposophic Curative Education and Social Therapy, is inspired by the philosophy of Rudolf S


Our philosophy

Maison Emmanuel´s philosophy is fundamentally rooted in the idea that a healthy social balance can only be found when each person works for the welfare of the other, and that through this colleagueship my needs (financial, material, emotional) will be met by those around me, as I strive to meet their needs.

In such a relationship, ability and productivity no longer become the basis for what I receive: each gives what he or she can for the good of the other, and the needs of each one are met by the community as a whole. Thus, we can break away from the pattern of carer/caregiver relationships, and meet each other as equals in our differences.


Life at Maison Emmanuel

Maison Emmanuel is home to approximately 60 people, including 20 adolescents and young adults in need of special care, living and working together in a rural setting in the beautiful Laurentian mountains 80 kms. north of Montreal.

We are an international community with volunteer coworkers of all ages coming from countries around the world.

Both French and English are spoken in the community, our people in need of special care come from francophone and anglophone families. The predominant language in the surrounding community is French.

The basis of community life is an extended family program. This means that house- parents as well as coworkers share their lives with our people in need of special care. All are involved in the day to day running of the houses, the estate, the garden and the small farm, to the full extent of their abilities.

Within the community, in Val-Morin, are workshops for woodwork and candle making, in addition to the work on the land and in the farm and garden. In Val-David, we have a weavery, a pottery workshop and a bakery workshop, where we have another house, Maison Julia.

Volunteer coworkers are allocated to one of our houses, where they support and assist the daily routine of the villagers and the basic running of the house. They also participate in the workshop programme working alongside our villagers.


House Parents

Maison Emmanuel is actively seeking individuals and couples who would be interested in making a longer term commitment and in taking on the responsibility for the day to day running one of our houses. We have openings both in the more rural setting of our main site in Val Morin, and in a smaller house in the nearby village of Val-David (9 kms. away).

This house is home to three long term residents and is an opportunity for someone who, while interested in community living, would also be attracted to the unique character of a smaller house with closer links to the wider community. Val David is also home to three of our workshops, and we wish to build better links to our local community.Interested individuals are encouraged to contact us with any questions they may have.

An important part of the life of the community Is the rhythm of the daily routine and the cycle of the year. Seasonal festivals and plays are an integral part of community life in which all participate. People come to Maison Emmanuel from different cultural and religious backgrounds. We ask that everyone have an openness to the non-denominational spiritual life of the community, which has its basis in Christianity. Participation is expected in our weekly Sunday service as our people in need of special care must be accompanied. Other religious events are open to those who wish to participate.


Weekly Seminars

Volunteer co-workers who are not familiar with the background of our life and work participate in our Orientation Course, held one morning a week and usually extending from September to May. An introduction to curative education and social therapy, working with people with special needs, community life, crisis intervention and artistic activities, such as clay-modeling, painting, theatre plays, spatial dynamics and eurythmy are some examples of the contents of this course.


Volunteer co-workers and Policy

There are around 24 coworkers of all ages in the community, some of whom are long term carrying members, others who come for a year. Each volunteer receives a monthly stipend.

In addition, we offer the use of our cars to those with an international permit. A 100.00$, deposit is required of all cowokers wishing to drive a community car. This deposit may be used, for example, to pay any traffic violations, pay for the loss of car keys or cover dammages caused by negligence, etc. Deposit could be refundable if nothing happens.

Board and lodging are of course covered by the community. Our co-workers are covered by the Quebec health insurance once they have been here for three months.

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