We offer affordable adventure travel, epic overland trips and active holidays suitable for all ages, gap year tours and career breaks.

Madventure is a budget adventure travel company owned and operated by Karen Brown and William Thomson, keen adventurers with over 20 years experience offering affordable overland adventure tours to off-the-beaten-track destinations around the globe.

Originally Madventure specialised in running London to Sydney Overland Tours and this is still our most popular trip. Along the way we decided to offer more adventures such as our Silk Road & Central Asia Tours, Iceland Budget Tours, Alaska to Brazil Overland Trips and Trans-Africa Expeditions. We stick to what we know and focus solely on making our few tours as good as they can be.

Karen & William often run one of the expeditions themselves so spend much of their time on the road. Madventure also employs experienced drivers such as Jono Fisher and James Russell who have spent many years driving tours in South America, Africa, Europe & Asia. Gayle Taylor and Ninka Hartog are experienced Tour Leaders who have invaluable experience leading expeditions in far-flung corners all over the world.

Madventure tours are unique, challenging and life-changing so if you are looking for a true adventure then we definitely have a trip for you. We generally have no more than 100 clients travel with us yearly and we take pride in offering a personal service to each and every person undertaking a journey with us.

You only live once – go mad!


Our Tours

  • London To Sydney Overland
  • Silk Road Overland
  • Central Asia Overland
  • Iceland Overland
  • Africa Encompassed
  • Cape Town To Cairo Overland
  • Morocco To Cape Town Overland
  • Alaska To Brazil Overland
  • Alaska To Panama Overla

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