LoszuGhana Association (NGO)

LoszuGhana (NGO) is a nonprofit organization that promotes volunteerism in grassroots projects in Ghana, Africa, and makes it possible at affordable prices.

We help motivated people to look beyond their own horizons, break cultural barriers and promote mutual understanding in a global world.


Grassroots Projects

Join a grassroots project and help us build mini projects right from beginning. From a new classroom project for kids, our orphanage projects, an improvised ranch for farm animals or peer education on social and health issues such as teenage pregnancies or HIV/AIDS. We plan, organise and start many projects from the beginning with you. Take a leap, look through our list of projects and join us today.


Duration / Dates

Minimum of Two (2) weeks volunteering and maximum of one (1) year volunteering.

Contact / Enquiry

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