London Eye

The Coca-Cola London Eye has transformed the city's skyline – it visibly stands for everything that's dynamic, visionary and progressive in modern Britain. And for the people who keep it turning, it's also a busy and dynamic environment of hard work and high standards. 

Have you got the qualities we're looking for?


Working for us

There are regular opportunities to join our team, part-time and full-time, on a permanent or temporary basis. We recruit within many departments and functions including:

  • Commercial Sales Operations
  • Ride and Show
  • Hospitality
  • River and Pier 
  • Retail
  • Human Resources 
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Each area is integral to delivering the exacting standards of safety and service on which our reputation depends. And whichever you join, many other people – customers and colleagues – will be relying on you to play a full part.

At any one time, there may be over 1,000 people onsite (well, it is the size of a football pitch!). So you need to be confident in your role, and know exactly what's expected of you when things get busy. It takes maturity and a certain resilience – your smile needs to be as welcoming at the end of the day as the beginning. You'll also be the sort of person who sees the big picture, puts the team first, and naturally gets involved beyond the call of duty.

The Coca-Cola London Eye is a premier attraction and part of a business that prides itself on delivering excellence to customers everywhere. If you want to work in the visitor attractions industry then there can be few better organisations to work for.


About Us

We draw from a very wide customer base ranging from tourists to charities, school children, corporate clients and many other groups. People from all walks of life are queuing up for an experience on the Coca-Cola London Eye. And at peak times, they're seemingly queuing in their hundreds. Making sure that each comes away with only brilliant memories is down to the first-rate customer service skills of a very professional team. And when we recruit, we naturally look for people who would fit straight into that environment.

If that means you, you're welcome to get in touch.

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