Local Community and Wildlife Volunteering

Company : Live4now
Activities: Career Break / Community Volunteer Projects / Teaching / Animal Volunteer Projects / Conservation Volunteer Projects
Country: South Africa
Location : KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Duration: 4 weeks to 6 weeks
Approx Costs: 1000 to 2000 £ Pound (UK)

For a complete African experience join one of our unique combination projects. Volunteer with underprivileged children as well as with wildlife whilst you take part in some amazing activities.

Local community volunteering focuses on working in a primary school in an underprivileged community. You will be working together with teachers in the classroom during school hours, helping out with everyday classroom activities. After the school day we run an after school club, where you can enjoy spending time with the children by playing games and creating your own educational activities to engage the children and create a fun, safe environment for them. During school holidays you will assist in running programmes for vulnerable children as well as hosting special events for the local community.

We also support the school and community by fulfilling other needs it might have. For example, you could assist in painting, cleaning, building, maintaining vegetable gardens etc. You can also assist in the training sessions of our local football team (The Hluhluwe Stars) and any other areas with which they need help.

Wildlife volunteering focuses on helping in wildlife conservation. As a volunteer your tasks would include game monitoring, game capture and fence patrols to mention a few.

Game monitoring is vital as it helps the reserve monitor and understand movements and behaviour. It will give you the opportunity of getting up close to these amazing animals and learning a great deal about them.

Volunteers get to help out in Game captures. This is necessary as certain animals’ numbers increase out of control and they need to be relocated to different farms in the area. This is essential to help maintain the reserves and the animals within them.

Another exciting project we work with is in a snake and crocodile park. Volunteers are needed to help with the everyday running of this park by completing such tasks as helping clean enclosures and surrounding areas, general maintenance of the park and the monitoring of eggs and hatchlings.

You will also see what it takes to run a game reserve by taking part in day to day jobs like fence patrolling, path clearing and physical eradication of foreign plants. These tasks involve physical labour and will be hard work but they are also an essential part of maintaining a park and keeping the animals within it healthy.  The volunteering done with the wildlife is really needed. You will feel like you have contributed to the conservation of these amazing animals and we are sure this will be a meaningful experience you will never forget.

We provide a unique experience to volunteers by combining volunteering with many exciting activities which are included in the cost to help make it easy to budget for the trip with no unexpected costs.



  • 2 Weeks: £795
  • 3 Weeks: £1,190
  • 4 Weeks: £1,700


What is Included:

  • Food: consists of 3 meals a day
  • Accommodation: 2 person chalet in a bush camp
  • Activities
  • All transportation to and from projects and activities
  • Donation for charity
  • Access to washing machine
  • Travel advice prior to departure
  • Transfers to and from Richards Bay Airport (on set arrival and departure days)
  • Orientation on arrival
  • Tea, coffee and bottled water
  • Support and assistance throughout your stay, 24/7
  • Gift at the end of your stay
  • Free Wi-Fi available at the main lodge, but not at the bush camp


Not included:

  • Visa costs
  • Flight tickets
  • Medical and Travel Insurance


Start Dates

Programmes start 15th of every month.
Enquire for availability.

Costs / Benefits

This Combo experience has a 4 week programme as well as a 6 week programme and includes: 3 meals a day, accommodation which consists of a 2 person chalet on an ecolodge, activities that are specific to your chosen program, donation to charity, transport to and from volunteering as well as activities, airport pick up and drop off, travel advice prior to departure as well as 24/7 support and assistance throughout your stay, orientation on arrival and a gift at the end of your stay.


All you need is a sense of adventure and a passion for helping others.

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