Little Foot Society

Little Foot is a 22 years old CSO that uses football to help uplift the welfare of children and less privileged youths in Cameron. 

Children and youths and trained to football, while lerning children's rights and to advocate for youth deocratoc participation in community development. Many of the youths and children are school drop outs, orphans and street children. While playing football, they learn hoiw to use social media, art and dance to share experiences and knowledge on the need to change the plight of the nation's less privileged and vulnerable youth.

Every year, several groups of young boys and some irls are retained to the football coaching. They take part in local competitions and also learn how to use social media to advocate for their own right. They use dance, and drawings, SMS, community outreach and peer mentoring to share knowledge and try to change their communities fornthe better. They are generally aged 12 to maximum 21.

We are seeking soccer coaches to help youth aged 12 to 21. Volunteer need to pay a fee of $850 per month for accomodation, breakfast, drinks and transportation.

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October 15 to July 31

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