Lipu is the association for the conservation of nature, the protection of biodiversity, the promotion of ecological culture in Italy.

With 30,000 supporters, almost 100 local Sections, over 600 active volunteers, dozens of operators, technicians, educators, Lipu is a reference point for the defense of nature in Italy. Every year we treat more than 15,000 wild animals in difficulty in numerous Recovery or First Aid Centers in various parts of Italy. We manage 30 Oases and Reserves where nature is protected and people can visit it, know it, fall in love with it.

We are a great community of members, volunteers, operators, convinced that the environment has a very important role for people and for society. We want a world where people live in harmony with nature, in a fair and sustainable way, and we fight daily for it.

Birds are the symbol, the horizon of Lipu. Their presence, the songs, the flights, the colors represent the beautiful hope of a better world.


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Do you want to commit yourself to animals and biodiversity? Do you want to experience the wonderful experience of environmental volunteering? Do you want to help us in our project of an ecological, sustainable and natural future? The big family Lipu is waiting for you.

Lipu was born and continues to grow thanks to the activity of many volunteers, ordinary but special people who are the heart, the engine of our association. Without the help of the volunteers our dream of change would be in vain. Whatever you know how to do, as long as it is animated by the generosity of volunteering, it will be an important help for Lipu, a decisive contribution.

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