Lions Camp Tatiyee

LIONS CAMP TATIYEE gives individuals with special needs the opportunity to spend a week away from home in the White Mountains of Arizona enjoying activities and meeting new friends. 

Through this experience, many campers tell us that they gain independence and confidence by trying new activities and challenging their personal limits.



Working at Lions Camp Tatiyee is the closest you will become to being a parent.

Our staff are trained to provide excellent care for campers, create and participate in programs, and establish the safe, welcoming feeling of the camp. We select staff based on their application, references, and in depth interview. We are selective when hiring to ensure that each member of the staff will strengthen and contribute to the team. We do this by pre-employement drug testing and criminal background screening.

During summer our typical staff on site may include people studying or going into the fields of education, medicine, occupational and physical therapies, among others. However, this is not a requirement. To do this job successfully, applicants must want to be a part of a team, work directly in a caring capacity with campers over a two month period, be honest and able to put others’ needs before their own.

For 10 days, our staff undergoes rigorous training that includes, but is not limited to, mock fire drills, C.P.R./First Aid training, Crisis Intervention Training, missing camper drills, lifting techniques, seizure procedures, dressing, feeding, role-playing, sign language classes and hours of disability awareness activities. We set high standards for our employees. We also have random drug testing and criminal background checks.

During the summer on site, we have the following staff members: Executive Director, Assistant Director, Registered Nurse, LPN or EMT, Program Director, Assistant Program Director, 4 Lead Counselors, 20 Counselors, 4 Kitchen Staff, and a Resident Manager. All staff lives on site from the last week of May until the 1st of August.

The job is not easy, but it is very rewarding. The demands and hours are great and it takes a unique person to be able to do this. Those are the individuals we seek out and maintain. Our return rate for staff continues to be between 85-95 percent every year. If you are interested in working with individuals with special needs, gaining skills and experience, working hard, and having the time of your life, then please contact us or download an application and send it to us today.

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