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We’ve been teaching agriculture for 140 years. But as New Zealand’s economy has grown ever more diverse, we have kept pace.

This means we can offer a perfect balance of credibility, experience and future-focus with our range of specialised areas, which include agriculture, horticulture, winemaking and grape-growing, business, property and valuation, environmental management, tourism, sport and recreation and landscape architecture.

Rather than trying to spread ourselves too thinly, we put our resources into what we’re truly best at. Our history is with the land and this is where our future lies.

However, land-based activity relates strongly to the way we treat the planet, so our focus is on sustainable practices to ensure that productivity does not come at the expense of the environment.

Relative to size, we’ve got a higher number of academics producing world-class research than any other university in the country. So we’re extending our reach with a planned 27,000 sq m Joint Facility with AgResearch, which will support collaboration between around 700 researchers.

In spite of all this, we’re still New Zealand’s smallest university and that provides a big advantage. Students enjoy a more personal learning environment and extra face-time with lecturers. Plus our village atmosphere fosters a real sense of community and helpfulness.

Our staff pride ourselves on our open door policy, which provides students with the support they need to get the most out of their studies.

We’re also always interested in hearing from businesses and organisations who want to utilise our considerable research expertise, equipment and intellectual property for the benefit of society.

Welcome to Lincoln University. A place to grow.


Areas of Specialisation

  • Agriculture, Horticulture and Viticulture
  • Business
  • Environment
  • Food, Wine and Beer
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Property and Valuation
  • Sciences
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Tourism
  • English Language

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