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The Let’s Care Foundation was established in 2008 with the aim of creating volunteer projects which create a better place for people in San José, Philippines.

We offer volunteer programs, internships and research abroad opportunities which are combined with travelling. There’s no better way of exploring a country! By joining our Work, Study & Travel program you support the local population and the inhabitants of San José will show you how beautiful the Philippines are!

You may work in different development projects of Let’s Care in San José de Buenavista, Anitque province, located on the island Panay. This magnificent, tropical island isn’t discovered by tourism yet, so that’s why you will still be able to experience the real Philippine life. The local population is very friendly and yet sincerely interested in visitors. 



San José de Buenavista is located along the coast and is known for its beautiful snorkeling sites, pristine nature and extensive rice fields.



In San José, Let’s Care possesses several projects to offer children, young adults and adults a better future. We have a shelter for abused girls, a program for street boys and we offer children and young adults the opportunity to follow trainings that will improve their position in the labor market. Besides that we work together with several schools and environmental organizations to improve the circumstances in this region.



Do you want to work in a developing country, do an internship or research on one of the schools or in one of our projects in this beautiful country? It is possible. We take care you’ll have the ideal situation and at the same time you’ll have expert guidance on higher professional education level, so that your learning efficiency is optimal.

Whether you’re young, a little older or 65+, everyone is very welcome! Whether you only want to work, only want to travel and make excursions, it’s your choice. We want to give you a nice experience.

Depending on the number of volunteers or students in a certain period, you’ll have company of peers and counterparts and stay at the volunteer house. With them you can enjoy fun excursions and live and work at the Philippines. An educational experience which will make you grow and hand you a lot of satisfaction.

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