Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Les Roches Switzerland is an international, coeducational school of hotel management established in 1954.

Les Roches has campuses in Switzerland, Spain, China, and the United States – key international hospitality business hubs. 

Our objective is to train and educate students to a level of all round competence, in the varied operations of the hospitality industry. Graduates of Les Roches, having developed competence in a range of technical, organizational and administrative skills, will be able to progress through the ranks of the management hierarchy.

The quality of our teaching and curricula are standardized across our campuses, meaning that you can transfer during your BBA/Diploma to another campus for a semester, or rotate through campuses with the Global Degree. Your international network is enhanced through professional internship semesters and through living and working with a global student body.

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Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Reviews

Best 4 years of my education!

School isn’t for anyone let alone a Univeristy. I had no idea how I got accepted into the top 3rd best school in the world form Hospitality but I did and after having no clue what to do career wise after high school, hotel management seemed like an interesting choice!

First year is service so you’re trained on serving and laying tables. The 2nd year and most challenging for me is kitchen where you help prep and cook food for all the 1000 plus students and staff on campus three times a day! The 3rd and 4th year is all management and serious learning about all that goes into building and maintaining a hotel!

A lot of work usually 12 hours in the school then whatever projects afterwards so not for people who just want to mess about. I met some amazing people friends and staff alike from all walks of life and it’s great having international friends because you can always crash on their couches! The professors are top notch and really know their subjects! I was amazed- made me look like an idiot..

Switzerland itself and bluche- Crans Montana is lovely- Def a ski spot for snow sport enthusiasts! The scenery is stunning and so relaxing though be distracting during classes! It is in the middle of the mountains and not a major city so not much to do but they hve some interesting night clubs!

The school is small so practically everyone knows everyone and that’s good because you can develop relationships better.

I had a blast and even though it costs a lot of money it is worth it! I would do it all over again and am thinking of applying for a masters soon! Definitely going back and perhaps might permanently move to Switzerland!

By: Sara Raswant
Nationality: British
Age: 27

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