LASC provides quality English as a second language instruction to immigrants and foreign students living in southern California.

Not only do students who matriculate through our English school programs have a great advantage to perform well at these institutions, they may have reduced admissions requirements compared to other applicants.

Students who complete our program(s) will be better prepared for the social and academic situations they will deal with in college. This will lead to a richer college experience and one where the students achieve higher grades and graduate on time.

With an Associate’s degree or certification from a community college and a strong transcript to support it, students can be more professionally competitive in their home country or they can apply for graduate programs at any of California’s highly ranked public and private universities.

There’s no limit to the achievement and success students can reach for, and we hope to be part of your journey. We offer an English for Academic Purposes program in addition to TOEFL and IELTS preparatory programs to equip our students with the linguistic tools needed for academic pursuits. As an academic institution, it is our mission to provide students with a pathway to higher learning.

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