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Las Olas Travel is an international volunteer program designed to make a lasting impact in places around the globe. 


Our program offers volunteers the opportunity to explore a new country in a sustainable way by giving back to the communities. We offer the perfect balance between service and fun!! Join our waves of change.

Las Olas Travel is currently working within the countries of Costa Rica and Nicaragua to make a Lasting Impact within the evironments, communities, and wildlife. We offer Lasting Impact programs in each country we expand to for the purpose of staying present within these countries and cultivate the relationships within these communities. Volunteers can work hands on with rescued animals in Costa Rica by feeding, cleaning and playing with different monkey species, including sloths! All of these animals are being rehabilitated to hopefully one day be released back into their natural habitat.

Our volunteers also work in reforestation and enivronmental education within Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Teaching the communities about recycling and the importance of the environment is a very rewarding experience for our volunteers. We also work with local at-risk children within Nicaragua and Costa Rica. These children may not have existing family structures nor receive the care and nourishment they need and are therefore considered at-risk.

Volunteers help teach these children English to help improve their social status and opportunities for jobs that prefer bi-lingual candidates. We also spend time with them on the playground and help care for them and show them the love the deserve. Our customizable volunteer program is offered year-round and our Lasting Impact Programs are offered in the summer during multiple dates! Join our waves of change and help us make a Lasting Impact around the globe.

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