Las Mercedes Reforestation Project

Las Mercedes Reforestaion Project is a reforestation and conservation project in Ocotal Nicaragua. We are here to save the forrest, to protect the wild life, and to teach the community how to do it. We need volunteers in order to make this happen.

Las Mercedes Reforestation Project was created with the idea of helping preserve the natural ecology of the country that is slowly being depleted due to lack of education and governmental support. Trees are a primary source of cooking, building and heating, but as a result the landscape of the country is being ravaged due to constant chopping down of trees.
Our mission at Las Mercedes is to help restore loss by replanting trees. This is a difficult and ongoing job, but with the help of volunteers this mission can be accomplished. Additionally, we also plan, with the help of volunteers, to establish and build an educational reserve center where locals and visitors alike can learn and cooperate in contributing to this massive effort needed to undo some of the damage that has been done to the local ecology.
The Goals and Objectives of the Project
● To help the ecology of Nicaragua and help save the tropical rainforest.
● To protect the local wild life by providing shelter and protection for some of the species.
● To provide jobs to the local community in order to sustain itself.
● To provide local families and small communities with technical advice so they may learn to produce their own organic food and make use of all their natural resources without harming or destroying.
● To help educate the local community how to protect and preserve the natural ecology by utilizing the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
● To provide a training grounds for volunteers world-wide that wish to make a difference on our planet by educating and planting one tree at a time.

We understand and we know that working the fields is not an easy task, however, this volunteer program is not just about work. It is about learning, educating, preserving, making an impact and having a new life experience. But, we do need your help, your creativity and imagination, your expertise and knowledge, your passion and drive to make this a reality. Please visit the Projects page to see where you can best help.

We will challenge you, we will make you THINK for your self, you will be a student, you will be a teacher, you will create and improve, you will share ideas and views, you will learn another language, you will laugh, you will see places you have only imagined, you will have fun, and yes, you will do some work; but at the end of your stay, the reward will be priceless.

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