Lake Nukuruba Orphanage Project

Helping Ugandan AIDS Orphans


A long term project, planned by Christian Life Assembly, is the construction of an orphanage. By housing more orphans the organisation can provide a stable environment for the children and take some of the burden off the impoverished widows who serve as host famillies. The blue prints, which have already been drawn up, include living space for one hundred orphans (four dormitories, bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining area). A primary school with seven classrooms is also drawn into the orphanage plans. The third element of the building is a medical clinic. A full time doctor and a nurse, at the disposition of the orphans and the local community, will be employed. The orphanages' services will be free for orphans yet open to other local children for a price. With the help of volunteers, the actual construction of the building will only cost 15 184 euros. Other eventual expenses are the nurse's and teachers' wages.

Pastor John Bosco has already aquired 83 acres of land for the orphanage. Situated 20km from Fort Portal, Western Uganada, the plot currently serves as agricultural and pastoral land (to feed the orphans a balanced diet). The proximity of the orphanage to his home will allow the mission director (John Bosco) to be more vigilante in the upbringing (checking on school progress , psychological and physical state…) of « his » numerous children.


Caring for numerous orphans is an emormous job. As the Pastor reins over 32 churchs in the region, his wife is often left home alone to, not only cultivate the land, but also to feed and care for up to 25 orphans. In this equatorial region the garden is in constant state of production and requires copious amounts of weeding and tilling (done without machinery). Never tierd of learning, young orphans are thrilled to spend an afternoon reading an english book to someone who can actually correct them. The Pastor and his wife appreciate foreingers and really need a helping hand. Volunteers should be motivated to work and prepared to live a Ugandan lifestyle (rather grass roots one might say). As the house is already full to the brim, volunteers should bring a tent light sleeping bag, etc....

A group of volunteers will eventually be needed for the construction of the orphanage (once the funds have been assembled). Perhaps a project for an overseas youth group? All building materials will be bought locally and there is a good campsite nearby. Once the orphange is erected any volunteers who wish to gain medical or teaching experience (most teachers in Uganda are educated up to the highest level they teach) are much appreciated.

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