La Sabranenque

La Sabranenque is a nonprofit organization which has worked since 1969 with the help of thousands of international volunteers to restore and safeguard a medieval hamlet in southern France.

This hamlet (also called la Sabranenque) is the restored medieval part of the village of St Victor la Coste located 30 km northwest of Avignon.  St Victor la Coste is known for its 13th century hilltop castle, its picturesque authentic buildings, and its traditional rural village setting.

The "La Sabranenque Volunteers" project offers an opportunity to participate directly in activities to preserve a medieval hamlet.  Participants help to protect the local environment by encouraging biodiversity and mitigating brush fire theats and live a regular cooperative life in a small provençal village accessible by public transport. 

For 50 years as a non-profit organization La Sabranenque has welcomed volunteers of all ages from 25 different countries.  Work projects include brush clearing and weeding, exposing and protecting structural vestiges, maintaining and laying stone passage ways, and recovering stones for construction.

La Sabranenque attracts people who enjoy participating, sharing, learning, and laughing together in a place of peace and tranquility. Volunteers typically stay 1 to 3 weeks, have 3 meals a day, work 4 hours in the morning, and are free in the afternoon and evening to enjoy the nature, culture, and calm of the village and its surrounding area. 

Duration / Dates

June-Aug 2018
Weekly and multiple weekly stays

Costs / Pay

5 nights, Mon-Fri and 15 meals, Mon pm-Sat am for 300 euros. Multiple week stays welcome.
Want to arrive or leave Sun?...let us know.

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