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Kyoshin language Academy is a Japanese language school which developed from Kyoshin Co., Ltd, a major player among schools preparing students for higher studies.

We have 3 schools in Tokyo and 1 school each in Mito, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Fukuoka with a total capacity of approximately 2,300 students. Students come to us from countries around the world, and our graduates go on to engage in a diverse range of challenges, such as entering a Japanese university, graduate school, or vocational college, or working in a Japanese company or in their home country.

At Kyoshin Language Academy, our aim is not simply to teach Japanese language, but to nurture individuals so that they have the capability to respond to the wide and varied needs of the world. We have developed the best possible learning environment to meet your expectations, so let’s learn and grow together.

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