Kuti Wildlife Reserve

Kuti is run by a non-profit Trust with the key objective of protecting wildlife and conserving the environment by working together with the local communities.

The reserve is approximately an hour and a half from Lilongwe and is as important for local communities as it is for the wildlife that lives there. The main goal of the Trust, which runs the reserve, is to inspire people to live in harmony with nature by setting up both outreach and sustainable livelihood programmes in the local villages. By developing responsible tourism within the reserve, as well as sustainable wildlife conservation, environmental education and community outreach programmes, Kuti benefits both people and wildlife.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all the revenue generated goes back into the project and helps to fund community micro-projects such as borehole maintenance and well-digging, as well as funding the community project work that volunteers get involved with. In the last 12 months the project has funded a pilot eco-education project, planted 30,000 trees in school and village plots, and launch relationships with fishermen to fund sustainable fish farms

There is a fully trained wildlife scout team which perseveres to protect the reserve with anti-poaching techniques and patrols. Kuti works hard to maintain a good relationship with the police and local chiefs, by trying to educate the local communities and slowly change habits that have been practised for generations. A combination of education, sustainable alternatives, incentives and law enforcement are helping to bring the surrounding villages towards a mutual aim of protecting the reserve. 30% of all visitor income is directed straight into community projects and is also used to fund income-generating schemes to promote sustainable conservation and develop local skills.

The reserve is a haven to a huge variety of free-roaming wildlife, with large mammals such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, sable, kudu and impala through to primates, reptiles and hundreds of bird species. There are no large predators or dangerous game on the reserve so you can explore and take in your surroundings at your own pace, without the need for a vehicle or scout.


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