Krousar Thmey

Krousar Thmey, Cambodia's first underprivileged children's organization, works every day to build a world where all children can afford to be responsible and independent adults.


Our Programs

  • Child protection
  • Education for deaf or blind children
  • Cultural and artistic development


Volunteer in Cambodia

Krousar Thmey favors work done directly by Cambodians. However, the Foundation welcomes foreign volunteers when they propose a specific project, with knowledge and skills not found in Cambodia, while ensuring a transfer of skills to the Cambodian staff of the Foundation.


Volunteer in One of Our International Structures

Krousar Thmey does not employ any employees in Europe or Singapore. Its action, the collection of funds necessary for the Krousar Thmey action in Cambodia, is led by groups of volunteers.

If you want to help us in France, Switzerland, Singapore or Sweden, there are several possibilities:

Participate in this voluntary action, within the limit of your available time: internal and external communication, help with the financing of the structure, mobilization of your community, administration of the association.

You can also help us raise money for the association, for example by mobilizing people within your company, or by organizing presentation meetings in your city, in your neighborhood, or around you. Officials of the association are ready to visit you to discuss with people likely to help our action. Presentation materials (films, photos, posters) can be provided for these presentations.

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