Kratie English School

Kratie English School teaches English to children from poor families, as well as supporting disabled people.

We are a new organization located in the beautiful town of Kratie which is just along the Mekong river in Cambodia. Our mission is to teach English to kids from low income families in Kratie and help this generation of young students to have a better life and do not live in poverty. 

A local volunteer, Mr. Rith and his family, have opened their home to accommodate volunteers to help with teaching English to children from around the community. The project helps around 40 children, aged 7-15 years old, boys and girls.

Usually they go to public school in the morning and come in our organization in the afternoon to learn English and spend some time together. The project also helps them not to work in the streets and create a sustainable life for the future.

If you are looking for a rewarding experience helping educate local children in Cambodia then please contact us today.

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Kratie English School Reviews

First experience working abroad

Kratie English school was the first work away experience for myself and partner, Kyle.

Firstly, we cannot thank Rith and his family enough for the care and hospitality shown to us throughout our time with them.

This project is fairly new so there is a lot of work which needs to be done. Though we have now set up log books so each new volunteer can continue on from the last, in order to ensure that the children get the best from each lesson.

There are 3 classes, basic, intermediate and high school, but all the children that attend are eager to learn and very polite.

I really enjoyed my time here and would highly recommend Kratie English school to any volunteer old or new.

By: Carrie Fisher
Nationality: British
Age: 28

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