Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project

The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project (KSTCP) is proud to host international volunteers who assist with the operation of the project and/or undertake local conservation and community anddevelopment projects.

In return, volunteers gain valuable experience participating in local projects - learning about turtles, turtle conservation, the local community, Sri Lanka and plenty more besides! Placements with the project start from two weeks' duration.

Volunteers are based in Kosgoda at homestay accommodation with Dudley and his family. Here volunteers live, learn and work together (and play!); all to a warm welcome and hospitality from the Pereras and a table full of home-cooked food. 

Volunteering at the KSTCP is a very hands-on experience involving beach conservation work, maintenance of the turtle hatchery, turtle feeding (and cleaning!) and even taking tours round the project for locals and tourists! There's a lot to learn about turtles and Sri Lanka but it's not something you will forget quickly.

Volunteers have their weekends free. Should they wish to, tours can be arranged to Kandy, Seegiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Ella, Nuwara Eliya and Yala with local guides. 

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Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project Reviews

Knowledgeable Trip

The trip from the beginning till the end was very knowledgeable and enjoyed a lot. Learnt a lot about turtles and the different kinds. Enjoyed holding turtles. The volunteers are very helpful and ready to answer your questions in a heartbeat.

By: Colin
Nationality: Indian
Age: 34

Uh, can you help with some baby sea turtles? Yes please!

Ever considered lending a hand with the birthing of sea turtles, or perhaps take part in releasing these new explorers into the wild? For three decades, Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project has played a crucial role in providing a promising beginning for baby turtles and the best part? You can assist in helping these beautiful creatures have a hopeful beginning.

The first hours of newly hatched turtles are critical, riddled with danger including predators, obstacles and even misdirection to land. The center purchases eggs from locals to ensure a better future. Once the eggs arrive, they are buried and sign posted indicating the date, species and quantity of eggs. After 2 months of incubation, you can be the first view for these hatchlings, and if that isn’t enough, actually play a hands-on role in releasing the infants into water.

Located off the coastal road (A2) in Kosgoda and only 100kms (62mi) from Colombo, lies one of the coolest experiences I had in Sri Lanka, and one I can assure you, you will never forget.

By: Andres Vargas
Nationality: USA
Age: 35

Conservation Of Endangered Species

The Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery is indeed a project which is of much importance to Sri Lanka. Since the turtles are helpless and vulnerable in the face of pollution and human cruelty; it is our duty to protect them and preserve these amazing animals for generations to come.
PS - place looks clean, but unfortunately we found that they were harassed for the sake of show. (Everytime they are lifted out of the water and handled by various people for entertainment). The blind turtle is pushed around alot for exhibition. It is very sad.

By: Suhanya
Nationality: Sri Lankan
Age: 21


I have seen turtles for the first time - it was great! They are so nice..)
It is a pity that their lives are in danger of extinction.. I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of this project. You are doing a good deed!

By: Anna
Nationality: Ukrainian
Age: 40


Our trip to the kosgoda sea turtle conservation was absolutely amazing, I would do it again in a heart beat, we got some amazing information and all of the volunteers are very helpful and friendly, we got to hold some of the turtles and see some beautiful rare turtles too, I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough it is a must visit, massive thanks to you guys again

By: Connor
Nationality: English
Age: 22

Nice turtle place

I stay in the kosgoda sea turtles conservation project a few months ago and it was a very beautifull experience, they have big and small turtles and the little ones are soo cute.
It's a place you have to visit.

By: Gerard
Nationality: Catalonia
Age: 22


Amazing place and doing great work! Keep it up.

By: John
Nationality: British
Age: 37

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