Kilimanjaro Volunteers Exposure (KVE)

We host volunteers worldwide in Arusha Tanzania. We provide for the accommodation, food, Transport and we find for them placement where they can volunteer.Volunteers are taken good care by our staff through out there stay in Arusha.

Our mission

is to give the real hope and support to the needy communities in Arusha region in Tanzania, by linking the needy communities with the potential volunteers that are willing to provide their services to them.

Our Vision

Economic growth for Tanzanian needy Communities depends on improvement of women’s lives, children and youth; to the extent in which the communities minimize dependence on natural resources and focus on skills. We need to understand how they are collectively contributing to our future and to resolving some of the challenges we face.

Our goals are:

To identify and support needy individual and communities in Arusha Tanzania.
To bring together people interested in supporting Tanzania.


There are a number of programs that our volunteers can be placed to based on their preference or choice but all aimed towards providing support to needy individual and communities in Arusha Tanzania

Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program and have at least a high school education. Volunteers participating in the MEDICAL PLACEMENT must have appropriate training and certification (to be presented to KVE staff on arrival in Tanzania). Medical volunteers must also register at least 4 months before their start date due to the registration process with local Tanzanian authorities. If you wish to be a medical volunteer but fall within this time frame, please look at the Kenya or Ghana medical program. There is no time restriction on registering on other Tanzania placements.
The volunteers can be placed in the following programs

Orphanage program
Volunteers need to understand that, orphanages in Tanzania are a bit different from orphanages in other parts of the world. Because of the family-oriented culture, orphans stay with extended families, others with the neighbors and others stay alone. Usually there very few orphans who stay at the orphanage centers most of them do come in the morning and leave in the evening. if placed in an orphanage, one of your major duties will most likely be teaching. Along with teaching, volunteers who work in an orphanage help with general work and daily chores and will generally work from 8:00 am until 3:30 pm.

We place our volunteers in exciting private schools, public schools, or orphanage schools. Majority of the schools we place volunteers are constantly understaffed and are always in need of new volunteers. In this program, volunteers choose whether to teach themselves alone or together with other local teachers. The common subjects that are taught include— Math, Social Studies, Art, English, science and Physical Education. School academic years differ according to schools. Most Schools run throughout the year and have holidays for the entire month of April, August and December. During this period volunteers can get involve in the safari or other tourist activities

Thousands of Tanzanian dies every year because of lack of proper medical care and equipments. We place our volunteers in a number of medical clinics and hospitals in urban and suburban Arusha. Most of these dispensaries and hospitals have primitive equipment and facilities that in most cases limit the practitioner’s ability to perform well. Volunteers are placed into hospitals and dispensary according to their qualification and experience. Medical volunteers need to be initiative, readiness to work in new environment.

Special needs children
Our volunteers are placed in special need schools that are located in Aruhsa urban. Most of these schools have few qualified teachers and lack of enough learning equipments. There two types of special need schools those that the children stay at the school and those that the children come and go home in the evening.

Youth Sports & Activities program
As we know sports and games are very important for proper learning and understanding of a child in class. We also place our volunteer in schools where they can volunteer to teach the children sports and physical education. Children in Tanzania lack sports teacher that are qualified and some schools don’t have sports teachers at all. Lack of sports equipment and enough games to get involve in is also a big challenge

Building and construction
We also place volunteers in some construction projects in suburban Arusha, these construction projects include village dispensaries, Orphanage home, Village schools etc. Carrying and making the bricks alone without any financial contribution is much needed and will be appreciated by not only the people who will use the buildings but also by the community authority.

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