Kicking Off

We use football to bring disadvantaged children and young people together, Kicking Off identifies and supports their immediate and longer-term needs, in order to benefit and improve lives around the world.

Kicking Off is always looking for volunteers both in the UK and overseas:

  • In the UK, we need people to support our fundraising efforts 24/7, whether that is encouraging businesses to invest, organising charity events – e.g. bake sales, charity balls – or just raising awareness of our profile on social media. 
  • Overseas, there will be frequent opportunities to represent Kicking Off, running tournaments and offering medical support and expertise, in various parts of the world.

As our projects develop, having strong, friendly, charitable organisations to team up with will be a vital part of our success. 

‚ÄčThe beauty of Kicking Off is that it is an amazingly powerful tool for bringing large numbers of people together in communities. By teaming up with other charities with more specialist skillsets (for example medical), we can open doors to large numbers of people, from traditionally closed communities. 


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