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Kenya Youth Hostels Association
Is a non-profit Membership organization, organized as a community service with a proud history and a relevant philosophy, which promotes youth
hostelling in Kenya and gives the opportunity to young Kenyans to travel around Kenya and abroad, because the membership card of international hostelling is valid worldwide. So if you have this card, you are accepted in all of those eighty countries and all of those youth hostels without any differences. We would like to see more Kenyan people travel around and use the infrastructure, because all countries are very well covered by youth hostels.Our main task is to promote youth tourism as something which
is not only for people who have a lot of money. We are here to help people
to travel more easily, quickly, safely and to find people of their age

The Association aims at developing a chain of hostels for use by its members, creating networks and affiliation with other hostel owners, collaborating with external hostels, investing in creating youth facilities such as campsites, recruiting more members and enabling its members to be part of the global village so as to enjoy tourist attractions, intercultural experiential living, sharing information and expanding personal horizons in life. The Association therefore promotes personal growth, welfare and domestic as well as international youth tourism.

Our Vision
The guiding dream of the International Youth Hostel Federation is to open the world to the youth. This vision emphasizes care and desire to enable young people to experience the world, its people, plants, animals, culture and to learn, recreate and enjoy life. The Kenya Youth Hostels Association is thus mandated to provide hostels, which have cheap, cost-effective, clean and quality accommodation and meals.

Our Mission
The Association promotes the appreciation, love and care of the countryside, wildlife, people, landscape and the general environment and provides for sensitization through travel, recreation, pursuit of knowledge and exchange of ideas among members and hostellers with limited means and resources. The Association undertakes to serve all youth and members of all races, color, creed and cultural background.
If you would like to know more about our services and products please write to
Kenya Youth Hostels Association
Ralph Bunche Road,
PO BOX 48661-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel 254 -20-2723012
Tel/Fax 254 20 2738046

Duration / Dates

2weeks to 6 months
March to August
August to december
Year 2010

Costs / Pay

Program Cost

A US$350 application fee (fully refundable if you decide not to go) will secure your place on the program, with your program fee due for payment eight weeks before you begin your placement. You only pay your application fee once and then you can access any of KYHA & KVCDP volunteer programs over the next 5 years.
Your application fee includes the following benefits: Personal Staff Surpport,Your Key Program Guide,
Once your application fee is paid the remainder of the cost for your time in the Kenya program is:

* Cost for 2 weeks - US $647
* Cost for 3 weeks - US $797
* Cost for 1 month - US $847
* Cost for 6 weeks - US $1047
* Cost for 2 months - US $1247
* Cost for 10 weeks - US $1447
* Cost for 3 months - US $1647
* Cost for 4 months - US $2047
* Cost for 5 months - US $2447
* Cost for 6 months - US $2847

To see the cost in your local currency, we recommend you open here!
The in-country fee covers administrative charge, airport pickup, transport to project (if necessary), meals and accommodation during placement, and supervision.

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