Karen Hill Tribes

We are working with the Karen people of northern Thailand to help them build a better future. 40% of the rural population lack access to clean drinking water and only 1 in 4 children complete their school education.

Gap year & career breaks in Thailand

Unspoilt mountain forests. A welcoming hill tribe village. New friends and unique experiences. Ever spent a night in the jungle under crystal-clear stars? Ever caught your own dinner and washed it down with a drink of honey and moonshine? The KHT Volunteer Experience offers you the chance to be part of an entirely different culture - live, work and share your life as part of a Karen hill tribe community.
Karen house

As a volunteer with KHT, you will be welcomed into a remote Karen community, living with a Karen family and even adopting a Karen name! During the day, you'll teach at a local school, helping to improve their English skills (while they improve your Karen and Thai). Get involved, arrange activities, find friends and make the most of your time as part of such a close community - the experience will stay with you for life.

All ages and levels of experience welcome

The program is suitable for adults of any age - we regularly take people on gap years and career breaks. You will be placed in a local primary or secondary school depending on what suits you best and what specific skills you may have. In addition to less experienced volunteers, experienced English speaking teachers are needed to teach in the secondary schools and to help teach the Thai teachers to teach English. Placements last for three months or more depending on your availability and are extremely flexible so can be tailored to your personal requirements.

The academic-year among the hilltribes runs from May to March, so some recommended packages are:

* Start October, teach for 6 months until the end of the academic-year then optionally work on a project to install a clean water-system (cost £1750).
* Start January, teach for 2 months until the end of February/mid March then optionally work on a project to install a clean water-system. During the Karen school holidays take the opportunity to explore Thailand or other parts of South East Asia, then return to teach for another 3 months from mid May to August (cost £1000).
* Start mid May, teach for 3 or 6 months until the end of the academic-year (cost £1000 or £1750 respectively). There may not be an opportunity to install a clean water system at this time of the year.
* Start July for 8 weeks. Volunteers are placed in more remote villages where there has been little input from previous volunteers (costs £500 Gift Aided).

Shorter Summer Volunteer Placements

Shorter-term (8 week) opportunities for university students in their summer vacation are available (cost £500). These involve teaching for the first time in more remote villages where there have been no previous volunteers!
What we need from you...

An application form, your CV, two references and a recent photograph. You'll be expected to attend a training weekend or induction day prior to leaving, to provide you with an introduction to Thai culture and the environment you'll be working in.

You don't need any formal teaching qualifications, but we do ask that you have completed at least higher education.
What qualities do I need?

The ability to think on your feet, work well in a team, motivation, self-discipline, flexibility and a sense of humour! It would help if you learn a little Thai before you travel.

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