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Izizwe Projects is a registered non-profit organization which aims to uplift the community of Gqebera Township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, also known as Walmer Township, by establishing partnerships with community groups, including Walmer High School, Walmer Primary School, and local creches.

The mission of Izizwe Projects is to revitalize community-centered organizations in the township, while also providing opportunities for international volunteers to learn about Xhosa and township culture, and to teach people about their own native cultures.



Izizwe Projects relies on local and international volunteers to keep our projects thriving. A chronic problem in Walmer Township is a shortage of teachers and tutors available to the children. Our volunteers, through their work at various projects, have and will continue to assist to fill this desperate void. 

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Izizwe Projects Reviews

Remarkable experience

I did three weeks of volunteering at the Izizwe project.
This organisation helps the people and especially the children in Walmer Township.
I remember my time in Port Elizabeth as very special and breathtaking. Being able to give and help people is a very special experience.
Izizwe project contains many loving people, that do everything they can to give other people a better life.
With great pleasure I look back to that time and to these remarkable volunteers.

By: Ramona
Nationality: German
Age: 22

Professionally run volunteering organisation

I went with a group of 12 students aged 15-18) to Izizwe for three weeks in July/August 2016.
The programme was fully arranged before we left our home country and the contact was very smooth.
Once in Port Elizabeth, we were greeted by the friendly and professional Samantha, who guided us through every step of every day. Nothing was too much effort and our every need was catered for.
I thoroughly recommend Izizwe for a meaningful experience helping others in beautiful South Arrival. I cherish the memories I made there.

By: Alison
Nationality: British
Age: 40

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