ITTI PARIS is a TEFL Teacher Training Centre found in the heart of Paris, offering a varied selection of fully certified and professionally supervised courses that include a highly sought after hands on teaching practice experience.

ITTI PARIS offers a variety of online and residential courses that lead to world recognized TEFL certification. All our courses have a theoretical and pedagogical component and a hands on teaching practice element. We believe that native speakers of English and all fluent speakers of English could become great teachers of the language and should avail themselves of this opportunity by turning their natural skill into a world travelling career.

In our courses we cover methodology topics such as classroom management, lesson planning, assessment and evaluation, creative materials compilation and application, the use of classroom equipment and multimedia interaction in class and we do all of this within the overarching concept of meeting and exchanging experiences between cultures and communities. At ITTI PARIS we sincerely believe that teaching TEFL is not only about learning language but it is about communicating across cultures and building new global communities of English speakers increase tolerance, respect and understanding in a world of diversity.

Our courses also offer study sessions on the grammar and the phonology of the English language and the classes themselves are mixed intercultural classes where on most occasions we have the opportunity to discuss in intelligent detail what makes a language and how is the English language influenced and influencing other world languages. The teaching practice component of the courses give our students all the confidence they need to step out into the competitive world of TEFL. Our trainers follow closely each student in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the lessons giving each student all the feedback necessary for the holistic development of their teaching skills. For our teaching practice sessions TEFL students who need help and practice with their English are invited to our centre for the teaching practice sessions given by our students. This means that all of our teachers get to give real lessons in a real world scenario instead of simply perform hypothetical teaching presentations/simulations. All of our students tell us that this experience is what truly convinces them that by the end of our course they are skilful and confident enough to go out and teach English.

Yet we keep following all of our students even then. We help our students with preparing their CVs, writing covering letters and finding the best teaching jobs around the world. We show our students how to search for English teaching opportunities and we also help out with the application process whenever possible.

All in all an experience with ITTI PARIS is always an unforgettable one. Not only do our students receive a sound and solid tuition in teaching and pedagogy, but they also share the opportunity to master further the English language and join a global community of Teachers and Learners like no other; a community that grows and thrives across cultures, stereotypes and diversity, with the key to global success and communication, the English Language.    


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4 week residential course in Paris.

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