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Itchy Feet Adventures offers action packed Red Sea holidays flavored with authentic Sinai experiences.


Scuba Diving gives you the unique chance to defeat nature and breath underwater. Delve into the fascinating aquatic world and become a part of life under the sea.

Dahab offers remarkable conditions for discovering extraordinary Red Sea marine life; enticing temperatures, picture-perfect visibility and little or no currents to contend with. With the reef just off the shore you'll appreciate hustle and bustle free shore diving in one of the top 10 dive destinations in the world. From gentle, shallow reefs for beginners, pristine conditions for underwater photography to deeper dive sites such as the extraordinary Canyon and world famous Blue Hole. Discover over 1000 species of fish, with around 100 found nowhere else in the world. Among others you can see impressive Barracuda, curious Napoleon Fish, colourful Parrot Fish, bold Moray Eels and cute Clown Fish. If you're lucky you may find majestic turtles and elegant Eagle Rays.

Don't miss the chance to experience the WWII wreck of the Thistlegorm and Dahab's famous Camel Diving Safari – a diving event almost unique to Dahab.

Scuba diving in Dahab is a perfect choice for families. From the age of 10, children can join the rest of the family and complete the Junior Open Water course. With a flexible schedule and patient and friendly instructors, the whole family can explore the Red Sea together. If you are looking for real quality time on your holiday, new adventures and a safe and friendly environment, Dahab is the right place.

Our experienced scuba diving team has extensive local knowledge and international PADI qualifications. The PADI Gold Palm dive center is situated on the shores of the Red Sea with excellent teaching facilities and a chilled out communal area. Whether you are completing a PADI course or enjoying fun dives the enthusiasm from the team will enhance your diving experience.


The concept of free diving is simple, yet extremely exciting: To dive to a maximum depth on just one breath, without any other equipment than fins and a rope. Some free divers explain their sport as a way to be perfectly united with the underwater environment; others describe it as a state of deep relaxation and peace. On a professional level, free diving is an extreme sport, where athletic free divers are pushing themselves to the limit.

The Itchy Feet Free Diving Adventures are based around the most common of the 8 disciplines approved by Aida International - the international free diving organization.

Itchy Feet Free Diving Adventures offer a great opportunity for you as a beginner or intermediate free diver to develop your free diving skills. If you are an advanced free diver already, you will find interesting offers under "special courses and events". In combination with the courses you can also get personal training on any level with world recognized European free divers.

Free diving in Dahab is an experience itself. Dahab is home to the famous Blue Hole, a renowned location for free divers all over the world. The Blue Hole's depth and shape is perfect for free diving accomplishments and once a year the world's triple depth competition is held here.


The Sinai's complex mountain valley ('wadi') landscape is found mostly at an elevation of around 1500 meters. This creates a pleasant climate for trekking all year round. The diverse landscape offers perfect conditions for challenging yet rewarding exploration; from glowing mountain ranges to narrow lush valleys, from vast sand dunes to oasis' with date palms and natural water pools.

The Wilderness Adventure and the Picture-Perfect Adventure have been created for enthusiastic trekkers. You do not need any trekking experience to join but consider that most days you will spend at least 6 hours walking.

The Mountain Summit Adventure and the Re-Discovery Adventure are for serious trekkers. These treks take you to remote locations over difficult terrain and lots of climbing is involved. Walking days are upwards of 8 hours giving you the chance to push your personal limits.

All Itchy Feet Treks give you the unique opportunity to completely remove yourself from the intensity of daily life. There will be no mobile phone coverage, limited running water and basic toilette facilities if any. Most nights you will sleep on desert ground in basic Bedouin camps or oasis' under the stars.

No one knows the desert like your native Bedouin guides and you can learn a lot from them. They have generations of knowledge of the local area and an instinctive understanding of the landscape, climate, flora and fauna. Their unpretentious, easy going attitude towards life is another priceless quality to take home with you.

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