Island Spirit

Wildcrafted responsible island experiences in Fiji, Sri Lanka, Barbados & Vanuatu. Surf, snorkel, dive, hike, camp, kayak, yoga, relax.

Island Spirit inspires people travelling to Fiji, Sri Lanka, Barbados and Vanuatu to make positive changes throughout their lives by introducing them to island based responsible travel and sustainable projects with sensitivity to local values and tradition.

We work alongside over ten island communities. We don't work for them. We work with them. We don't believe in too many hand outs or aid unless there has been a natural disaster. Why? Because we have seen first hand how it negatively affects the delicate balance of island life. For us it's all about social enterprise for the benefit of all.

Tailored, eco holidays in Fiji combine island adventure, 'taster' reef volunteering and true cultural immersion.We aim to give you a unique and authentic Fijian adventure providing inspiring and fulfilling experiences through connecting you with nature and engaging with local communities.

We believe we can help conserve the local environment and provide a steady income for local tourism businesses while inspiring you to make a positive difference throughout your lives by introducing them to volunteering in the rich Fijian culture.

We work alongside Fijian communities to share skills and carry out sustainable environmental and community based projects with sensitivity to local values and tradition.

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