Teaching in Kenya-Maasai from US$250

Company : International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)
Location : Maasailand
Duration: 1 week to 6 months
Approx Costs: 250 to 2500 $ Dollars (US)

With the introduction of free primary school education in Kenya, the Kenyan Government was faced with a dilemma. A large amount of students entitled to an education and a comparative lack of teachers.

Teaching at a Maasai community school is an experience like no other. Giraffes often wander freely around the school grounds and it is no big deal to have some wild animal burrow holes through the school fields overnight.

Typical subjects taught include – English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Physical Education.

School in Kenya runs for three terms a year (Term One – January to March, Term Two – May to July, Term Three – September to November). There are short breaks between these terms in the months of April, August and December during which time volunteers can take a break, travel, engage in tourist activities such as safari, take tutorials for senior students, or participate in another placement.

Volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or experienced teacher.



Cost & How to Apply

  • This program is offered as part of a structured package with prices starting from US$270 (1 Week) to US$2320 (6 months) 
  • Included in this price is placements, in-country 24/7 support, information pack, airport pick up, orientation, program supervision, meals and accommodation for the duration of your stay
  • If you are thinking about booking this program on the application there is a section "Have you been referred by an Ambassador or Partner?". Here you can type code: ONEWORLD365 and you will be entered into a monthly draw to win a full refund of your registration fee


Start Dates

1st and 15th of every month


You must be 18 years or older on the volunteer program start date and have at least a high school education. All volunteers must provide a criminal background check.

Booking / Enquiry

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) Teaching in Kenya-Maasai from US$250 Reviews

Life changing experience volunteering with the Maasai

Before my journey to Kenya I read a lot of comments from previous Volunteers about how life changing their Volunteering has been. I believed it would be a great experience. But i had no idea how significant it would turn out to be.

I did the teaching Maasai program in Kenya for two months. I lived in a big loving host family and I shared my room with two other volunteers. Since the first day I felt like a part of the family and I experienced a completely different lifestyle. Living with the Maasai I expected to live with goats and sheep but having giraffes, dik diks or baboons crossing by the house every now and then made it even more exciting. But also adventures like driving with a piki piki (motorbike) through a river or getting lost in the bush in the middle of the night made my time in Kenya so special.
But next to that I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work there in a school. I was teaching the first two weeks until I decided to give the school a little upgrade. So I started painting pictures on the walls in the classrooms and on the outside of the building.

I was trying to teach the children but instead they taught me. They showed me what pure joy is and the only thing you need for it is some people who spent some time with you. Receiving all the love while I was there I would say the Volunteering in Kenya helped me even more. So now I can definitely say doing volunteering is life changing. But you should definitely figure that out by yourself!!

By: Nadine
Nationality: German
Age: 24

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