Teaching English in China from US$240

Company : International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)
Location : Xi'an
Duration: 1 week to 6 months
Approx Costs: 250 to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

Volunteer English teaching in China focuses on developing conversational English skills with Chinese students.

IVHQ presently works with Chinese public schools; most of which are located in rural areas just outside of Xi'an and serve the farmers' children and poorer people living outside the cities. In China, there is a growing demand for an English education. With the unprecedented economic growth China has experienced in recent years, the importance of English education has also grown.

Many schools in China have established an “English corner”, a specially designed spot for teaching/learning English. These schools are very eager to have native English teachers. Unfortunately, only private schools with huge budgets in city areas attract native English teachers. Most of the resource-poor schools remain hopeful for quality English teachers for their classes, with native English speakers at the top of their wish lists.

As a volunteer English teacher in China, you will teach English at these rural, resource-poor schools. Volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or experienced teacher. Volunteer simply need enthusiasm, an open mind, caring spirit and a compassionate nature. If English is not your first language it is important you are fluent and have both advanced written and verbal English skills.



How to Apply for this Program

  • This program is offered as part of a structured package with prices starting from US$250 (1 week) to US$1400 (20 weeks)
  • Included in this price is placements, in-country 24/7 support, information pack, airport pick up, orientation, program supervision, meals and accommodation for the duration of your stay
  • If you are thinking about booking this program on the application there is a section "Have you been referred by an Ambassador or Partner?". Here you can type code: ONEWORLD365 and you will be entered into a monthly draw to win a full refund of your registration fee


Start Dates

Every month


English speaking volunteers aged 18 years and over are eligible to apply

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